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Matt Ellipsis [The M...]

MATT is the FIRSTBORN of three children born from the union of ROCOE & VIVIAN.  They loved each other, screwed up their marriage like so many others, and divorced before their 10 year anniversary.  ROCOE raised MATT until MATT ran away to MAYWOOD, ILLINOIS to live with VIVIAN.  These are part of "THE MADDAWG YEARS" of MATT'S life.  MATT joined THE ARMY in 1995 and is now retiring after 24 years of continuous service.  MATT became born again in 1996 and has 5 albums:


I Wish You Knew

Face The Music

Conclave Download

The Matt Ellipsis District [free album download]



 Allen D. Edge

Allen Edge  


Allen D. Edge is, a talented actor, director, producer, and comedian with over forty years in the performing arts. Allen has performed his special brand of humor at Zanies in Chicago, Jokes & Notes in Chicago, Comedy Central’s “Comic Justice”, The Comedy Café in Milwaukee, The Apollo Theatre in New York, and as the opening act for Pattie La Belle, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, and The O’Jays. He was also featured in a number of commercials and films, including Barber Shop 2 and Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns”. Mr. Edge is a member of Toastmasters International.

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Demetrius Robinson


Pastor (Dr.) Demetrius Robinson and First Lady Daunyelle Robinson lead the OGM-Milwaukee branch of One God Ministry.  


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Michael and Crystal Weaks

Michael and Krystal Weaks 


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Eric Dorsey

Eric Dorsey 



Marriages that fail do so for various reasons. Most couples lack the understanding of what it takes to make a marriage successful and therefore lose their motivation to put forth an effort to try.  2Gether 4Ever unlocks the hidden secrets in God’s Word that all couples need to understand to build a strong marriage.  We work with churches that host marriage retreats, conferences and seminars to bring this valuable information to churches all over this nation.  We also plan and organize couples fellowship outings that encourage accountable, loving and supportive relationships between married couples. 


Eric Dorsey created 2Gether4Ever Ministries out of a God given passion to help married couples and those that have a desire to be married.  Eric has been married for 15 years to his beautiful wife Catrina. They have four children, Kendall, Derek, Alaina and Jarrod.  Eric is a gifted teacher of God’s Word, possesses wisdom beyond his years and has a true heart of compassion for the pain people endure in marriages. His marriage has endured many VERY trying situations and seasons.  His desire is to help couples navigate their relationship through some of the pitfalls that life has to offer.


Eric is a graduate of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  He is also a graduate of the Living Word School of Ministry in Forest Park, IL.  He has functioned in the church as an ordained Elder, teacher, and marriage counselor. 


You may contact Eric Dorsey by e-mail at or at 630-802-5298.

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Pastor David Gilleland


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 Eldridge Ford

Eldridge Ford 

New Cycle


My non profit gives clothing to under privileged families in underdeveloped communities. Just last month were able to serve over 100 families with clothes/shoes and school supplies.



Markasa Chambers 

Markasa Chambers 

Markasa Chambers the Founder of The Alternative was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She graduated from Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana and received a Mass Communications degree with an emphasis in Broadcasting.  It was her desire to become a sports reporter, but after pursuing a career in television she realized that she desired to expand her skills in other areas.  She later accepted a management position in a different field.   Her management experience greatly prepared her for the vision God gave her, The Alternative.  

Born and raised in church, Markasa certainly knew right from wrong, but lived a life of rebellion during her teen and adolescent years.  Markasa explored a life that included drugs, alcohol and fornication, but never felt completely comfortable living this life.  After graduating from Grambling State University she realized that no matter what she sought after she would always long for her first love, Jesus Christ.  A few years after graduating and returning back to Milwaukee Markasa gave her life to Christ. 

 Markasa realized that the life, habits and friends she left behind in the world was God’s will for her life, but her new life in Christ didn’t have to be boring.  Growing up she remembered thinking being a Christian was boring.  She remembered having very few options as a Christian outside of going to the movies, out to eat, bowling or skating.  As a young adult she enjoyed poetry and spoken word. She thought there must be Christians who have gifts to share through the arts but didn't necessarily feel comfortable sharing their gift in a worldly setting.  That’s when God began to download the vision of The Alternative to her, a ministry that would sponsor events outside the church’s four walls.  The Alternative would provide opportunities for individuals to come together from all walks of life and fellowship in a clean multi-cultural atmosphere.  The Alternative was born and the first set was hosted in December 2011 and God continues to download new visions to her.

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Pamela Reese Wardlaw

The Preparation Room

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Marissa Cohen

Eldridge Ford 

Within Reach

 Helping women with sexual assault.  


Terrance L. Frederick

Terrance Frederick 


 Apostle Terrance L. Frederick is a gifted minister with an apostolic, prophetic, and teacher’s anointing.  Terrance is the founder and overseer of the Watchmen Society; which is a prophetic company that consists of intercessors, scribes, seers, prayer warriors, minstrels, poets, and teachers in the Lord’s Church. He also is the founder of Kingdom Media Foundation, and the Kingdom Music Festival in Sumter, South Carolina.  Empowered with a strong revelatory ministry, he is skilled in cultivating and developing prophetic people who are assigned to govern and guard in the spheres of religion, music, and media.  
    Terrance is recognized, set in the church, and commissioned in the Kingdom as a governmental Apostle and functions in that capacity to leaders, ministries, and fellowships locally and regionally.  Terrance specializes in discovering, developing, and dispatching fresh ministry mantles through priesthood education and mentorship.  Terrance is a member of the presbytery and senior leadership of Love Covenant Church, which serves as an Embassy for Apostle Tommy and Prophet Angela Frederick.  He has chosen to share space and co-labor with his parents in ministry and to operate from LCC as the headquarters of his office.  Terrance and his wife Sherreka have 3 children, 1 grandchild and currently live in Sumter, South Carolina.

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rickavessel (Ricky Malone) was born and raised in the Chicago city streets of Rogers Park his whole life. As far back as he could remember he has always been a fan of all kinds of music, but hip hop is what he mostly gravitated  towards. Hip Hop has always had an influence on the way that he thought and decisions that he made in his life. As a teen, and young adult, rickavessel was drawn into the street life of drugs, and gangs and the negatives that are glamorized in hip hop music. But then at the age of 26, rickavessel received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. And as he begin to grow in his faith, his music began to reflect his beliefs. Indoctrination the full album is scheduled to come out April 8 2015 digitally as well as hard copies. What sets rickavessel apart from the average artist is that, he really lives what he communicates in his message, he is approachable and accountable for the lyrics that he puts out.

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King David tha Vessel

David Eagles 

“Once you’ve taken the GOD out of the Gospel, what’s the point?” asks David Eagles, known in ministry circuits as King David tha Vessel.  With an ever increasing resume, which features numerous vehicles for getting his point across over a 20plus year period of actively being involved in music, acting, writing, and other artistic impressions, King David, or KD, is gaining the notoriety he says he never wanted to begin with.  “This thing was never designed to be about me,’ he states matter of factly.  “This is where anyone in any capacity messes up: by taking the focus off of the LORD and placing it on themselves.”  KD has received acclaim over the years for his cutting edge music ministry, even being nominated for a Rhythm of Gospel award in 2009.  After the release of his first full length albumIn SO many WorDz in 2007, KD went on to venture into various opportunities, partnering for a live CHRISTmas concert with Hip Hop H.O.P.E. to even opening for Mary Mary in Chicago later that same year.  Not known for traveling in circles, KD has found himself positioned to receive the priceless favor that comes from standing in the whole will of GOD.  “I bemoan compromise.  Can’t stand it.  And we wonder why the power of GOD isn’t as prevelant now as it was in Biblical times.  GOD didn’t change; we did.”  With the release of the forthcoming Rhymz & Worship: Songz From the Seekret Playce, KD hopes to return the listener to a whole, healthy image of GOD, thereby healing their relationship with HIM.  “The ideal, the purpose, the goal of this record is to heal the perception of GOD, to remind us of why HE’s worthy, how HE works, even; what HE’s done that HE hasn’t had to.  HE’s GOD…”  The year will also see KD further advancing into other outlets of ministry, beginning with his first published work as an author, about which he says, “GOD has a lot to say, and I don’t take any credit for any of this; it’s an honor.”  KD refuses to take a singular approach in addressing goals on a yearly basis, believing that like the Kingdom Itself, GOD has not positioned him for merely a moment in time or a small scaled attack on the forces of darkness that hold others back.  “Whatever GOD wants is what HE’ll have from me.  The point in doing things after a GODly sort is so that they go well beyond any of our natural limitations.  The WORD of GOD is not bound, and IT’s in me, so why should I be?  Why should what GOD has called me to be??  And if I truly love like JESUS, why should others be???”

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Everybody, meet Quentin Marcell Grant Jr. Better known as: Cell Blok aka Blokalypse, aka Blokavessel, aka BlokaVee.... Now let's take a second to get a little more familiar!

Cell Blok is a Christian, that ministers through Word and Music. Currently, he is the residing bible teacher at “Word of His Power Ministries,” located in Harvey IL, (264 w. 149th pl.) He's a mentor, husband,  father, rapper, as well as an ever devoloping sound engineer at Blok Party studios. 

On July 29, 2008 when Marcell was only 15 years old, he was standing outside in a circle of family and friends, when a gunman opened fire releasing about 6-8 shots. While attempting to run, Marcell was shot in his back. What seemed to be a tragedy, turned out to be a testimony; through prayer and faith, he had a miraculous recovery and was out of the hospital in just a few days following this, rap became therapeutic. 

Cell Blok was first introduced to rap by his dad, Quentin Grant; then later, his affections were enhanced by his older cousin Kool-Aide. Having been convicted by the Holy Spirit in 2010, Cell Blok started surrendering to his calling and made a conscious decision to stop doing secular music. While yielding to the Spirit, he received a revelation to do gospel rap, as well as teach. 

2011 brought about Cell Blok’s first gospel hip-hop project, entitled, "Anudae". Fast forward 6 years to 2017, and he starts the year off with an EP release entitled, "Rock'n W/ Tha King"; the project features: Brother 3, Fella Soul, Lyriq Nawqiy, God's Vision, and Jiovani J, in addition to many more.

Cell Blok seeks to use his life experiences, his faith, and his passion for the fullness of life, to give breath to music that is Christ infused; in order to change lives and mindsets. 

2017 is sure to be a promising year, as Blok's newly developed team; Break Bread Entertainment (Rickavessel, Cell Blok & Lyriq Nawqiy), have lots of music coming down the pipeline; such as, "Rock'n Wit Tha King," which is set to be his first release of the year,  but most assuredly, not his last. 

- Stay Tuned



Damon Lamar

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 Nick Skinner

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Minister SKS


SKS Music Group is focused on providing high-quality music for your satisfaction and  doing what we can to provide hope and encouragement- we will do everything we can to meet your expectations and be apart of Hope back into the community.  With a variety of things we do, we're sure you'll be happy spending time with us. You must understand that God has assigned an assignment to this group that we must do what we can to be a part of the hope.  So through our music and commitment to the dying souls of today's society, we will do everything in our power to make change in the streets, by any means necessary.  Hang Loose, Keep It Simple, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Connel L. Jones, Sr and Joy Monique (JOY moh-NEEK) 

Children of God Multi-Media Productions
(773) 905-9928

Our mission is to create spiritual awareness through arts and entertainment.  

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Tina Augustus


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 Conclave Download

Conclave Download

Conclave Download is the joint-venture between Joseph Wells (Bruh Luuh), Jeff Love (J-Love) and Matthew Walker (Matt Ellipsis/The M...). All three are members of Christian Concepts International Ministries (CCIM) in Chicago Heights, IL.

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