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Matthew Walker, stage name Matt Ellipsis, is a 24-year Army Reservist. He was surprised by the number of Veterans that took part in the local competition.


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On Stage The Matt Ellipsis Show

March 7, 2018


Area Community Theatre is happy to be hosting The Matt Ellipsis Show Friday March 23 and Saturday March 24 at 7:00pm.  A comedian and Christian rapper, Matt explained that he will essentially be emceeing this show which will provide a platform for area performers in various genres to introduce themselves to the community.  He is hoping this "sample plate" of Tomah area will show audiences the "Best of Tomah", a community he and his family have come to love.


Tickets are on sale now from Area Community Theatre at 374-7469 and online at  Adult tickets are $20 and student tickets $20.  ACT members will receive a reduced ticket price.  This show is not part of the season ticket package.


As part of the show, Ellipsis hopes to honor and interview area businesses that help support the arts in the Tomah area.  Each show will be unique, and will be audience driven.  Although the audience will be encouraged to participate, no one will be interviewed or recorded who doesn't volunteer.

LaCrosse Tribune

The Matt Ellipsis Show is coming to the Area Community Theatre.

For two days, March 23 and 24 at 7 p.m., the show will be emceed by comedian and Christian rapper Matt Ellipsis.

Ellipsis called the variety show a sampler plate of area talent.

“It will have comedy/comedic acting, we will have singing, we will have dancing as well as acting and then musical performances that are not just singing,” he said.

Ellipsis hopes said it’s not the typical production expected at the ACT because it’s not a play. He hopes that attracts those who normally attend the theater for the plays as well as a new crowd that doesn’t normally come to the theater.

“It’s going to be a different group of people sitting in those seats that people that go watch the plays they usually put on,” he said.

Excited is an understatement for his enthusiasm for opening night, Ellipsis said.

“I’m looking forward to people knowing how big of a deal that people in Tomah are the arts (and) are serious about their art,” he said.

He said Tomah has serious artists, and “they make Tomah look good wherever they go and to their art. The biggest takeaway is that (Tomah) has people who are talented.”

The shows will be completely different each night because it’s audience driven, Ellipsis said. The audience and performers will make each night a new experiences as it will be a new crowd each night as well as new performers.

“It’s going to make the night special − not everyone there Friday night will be there on Saturday night,” he said. “Each night will have its own unique special-ness. I’m very excited about that.”

Tickets can be purchased at the ACT box office located at 907 Kilbourn Avenue, 608-374-7469 or online at Adult tickets are $20, students are $10 and $15 for APT members.