On Stage The Matt Ellipsis Show

March 7, 2018


Area Community Theatre is happy to be hosting The Matt Ellipsis Show Friday March 23 and Saturday March 24 at 7:00pm.  A comedian and Christian rapper, Matt explained that he will essentially be emceeing this show which will provide a platform for area performers in various genres to introduce themselves to the community.  He is hoping this "sample plate" of Tomah area will show audiences the "Best of Tomah", a community he and his family have come to love.


Tickets are on sale now from Area Community Theatre at 374-7469 and online at tickets.tomahact.com.  Adult tickets are $20 and student tickets $20.  ACT members will receive a reduced ticket price.  This show is not part of the season ticket package.


As part of the show, Ellipsis hopes to honor and interview area businesses that help support the arts in the Tomah area.  Each show will be unique, and will be audience driven.  Although the audience will be encouraged to participate, no one will be interviewed or recorded who doesn't volunteer.

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