God's word is the most powerful forceĀ in the earth..

At this point in my life I don't feel like an amateur.
When anything happens I access the answer ta.
Biblical patterns preach half and I have no doubts.
When I start tapping at heaven resources come out.
That's why I don't waste no songs.
Cuz every word that I preach eternally livesĀ  on.
Not just in the recording.
When you mix faith more revelation will keep pouring and pouring and pouring.
Like fire in my bones my presentation is not boring.
Activated scripture in my life and now I'm soaring.
What happened to Matt?
No longer hidden behind three dots and that's that.
Fully persuaded so say what you will.
I get results cuz the word is real.
More real than what you taste and feel.
The harvest is plenty not gon let you steal.
None of my progress with your fear and angst.
You say you can't do it then you're right you can't.
But I can do all things through Christ.
And people fill seats to hear me testify.
You wanna doubt you can doubt take your doubts and doubt then.
God ain't stuttin your doubts cuz it's about them.
The multitudes that need God's word.
The most powerful force on earth.
Most powerful in the universe.
But I ain't trying to go mars or Jupiter.
I'm content with this earth and the house I live in.
I'm content with my wife and the life I've lived so far.
To some of y'all I'm a star but deep down in my heart I'm a kingdom ambassador.
That's why the others comprehend us not.
Cuz we decided to give God all we got.
Cuz he gave all.
And he don't got out here just so we can fall.
When we lift him up we know he will draw all men of all kinds and all I gotta do is rhyme?
And manifest the kingdom time after time after time after time.
Edifying people with line after line.


God's Word is the most powerful force in the earth.
It works so work in your purpose.